Qdoba’s Vegetarian Nutrition Options

Qdoba is a restaurant chain with about 250 diners in the States. It offers traditional Mexican dishes, including some vegetarian options, such the grilled vegetable burrito, vegetarian taco salad, tortilla soup and vegetarian taco.

Hygiene is a main priority for the company. They have special dishes for the nutrition they prepare, such as pans, cutting boards, pots, utensils, etc, and all dishes are cleaned on a daily basis. Every day the dishes are used for the same purpose. The serving pans that are used to bring the cooked food from the kitchen to the dining area are washed between uses.

All vegetables, rice and beans are cooked separately from the meat. Thus, grilled vegetables are cooked on the grill used for meat but the different products aren’t prepared simultaneously. Fajita vegetables are prepared on stovetops. The rice and beans don’t contain any animal ingredients or left-overs. This also applies for the chips, tortillas and the various types of bread. Meat and egg products aren’t cooked in the oil that is used for frying of chips and salad bowls. This means that vegetarian meals are free of all animal contents and vegetarians shouldn’t worry to order them.

The company utilizes a pan release spay with synthetic butter flavor but the management says it doesn’t include any dairy or animal ingredients. No gelatine is used for the preparation of the guacamole or the sour cream.

All Qdoba locations work with standard recipes. Sometimes certain variations are possible but they never affect the vegetarian meals. Differences may occur because of the suppliers but they all must follow strict standards and requirements, so all products are always fresh and of high quality.

Clients have full view of the ingredients and can actively participate in their preparation by choosing the products and the toppings. They can also select what ingredients to be excluded from the dishes.